Wildlife Yellowstone.

If there is a mythical place for a Nature photographer that is Yellowstone N.P. the first National Park of the World or the American Serengeti as the Naturalists call it to house the 5 great Americans: Grizzly Bear, the Bison, the Wolf, the Puma and the Wapiti.

But it houses much more spectacular wildlife: Lynxes, foxes, beavers, Pronghorn or American gazelle, Mouflon rocky mountains, etc.

But Yellowstone is much more, we will take you to the Great Volcano with its steaming geysers, its multicolored lakes, its fumaroles ...

we cross mythical valleys like Lamar, one of the areas where wolf packs live in freedom, we will take you to the busiest areas by black bears and grizzly, we will be overwhelmed walking along the large herds of bison grazing in their heights, we can photograph the emblematic American Eagle or bald eagle and we will travel the roads most visited by the wild life of the Park.

Our deep knowledge of P.N. gives us an outstanding advantage, as we know perfectly the internal dynamics of the Park, its most beautiful and photogenic areas, we will make night outings to capture one of the cleanest skies in the world and we will bring home an incredible portfolio of images that will not be forgotten.

We will also visit: Grand Teton, Jackson Hole and the picturesque city of Cody these three enclaves will put a finishing touch to our visit to this wonderful National Park.

Jackson Hole (Wyoming)
Yellowstone N.P.
Yellowstone N.P.
Oso Grizzly (Yellowstone N.P.)
Oso negro (Yellowstone N.P.)
Zorro (Yellowstone N.P.)
Bisonte (Yellowstone N.P.)
Yellowstone N.P. (Montana)
Grand Prismatic Spring(Yellowstone)
Yellowstone N.P.
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