SEVILLE, Nature and History

     Sevilla and its province hoard a lot of many different ecosystems where they meet and live great diversity of animal species and plants offering visitors many exciting experiences in nature photography observation.

     Marshes, pastures, Saws, Mediterranean Forests, rivers, streams, ultimately a varied "menu" for anyone who wants to multiple natural experiences that can be "discovered" in a few days.

We invite you to follow us on these exciting and amazing routes Southern Spain.

Marsh and pre-park (Donana)

These routes include much of the most interesting areas (visitable) of the marsh and the pre Park Doñana ornithological level, ie, the entire area that surrounds or encircles the Donana National Park in its limits with the provinces of Seville and Huelva.
In this area you can see a variety of species both in transit and permanent, including: whiskered tern, the common tern tern and canastera. While the marsh remains flooded, various egrets, spoonbill, common flamenco, glossy ibis and the little crested coot, squacco, purple heron, little bittern, great crested grebe, black-necked grebe, purple gallinule and whiskered tern are observed, European oriole, great reed warbler, Curroc, whiskered tern, short-toed eagle, black stork, great egret, sandgrouse, canastera and European golden plover and sometimes it is possible to see copies of dotterel and osprey and lesser and kestrel while some other species.
During the migratory path it is possible to find Temminck sandpipers and fine redshank. Among the raptors, usually we see the Spanish imperial eagle, red kite and the spotted eagle winter.

Marshes and paddy field area
Sevilla has an extraordinary variety of ecosystems, but definitely for lovers of ornithology, Seville has a real treasure: The marshes and rice paddies of the Guadalquivir.
Located nearby Doñana National Park, these floodable ecosystems provide a rich and varied birdlife throughout the year, being a breeding, wintering and migratory passage forced hundreds of bird species.

Sevilla, History and tapas
Seville is certainly beyond our home, one of the most charming cities in the world. If you want to discover its corners, monuments and gastronomy, will accompany you on your visit.

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